A Hometown Hero Celebrates! Go Mo!


Just taking a quick moment to show some love to a long time Havelock Hero - Maurice Cousear- or "Mo" as many of us know him!

 Mo , who been the manager of Havelock High School's Varsity Football team since graduating in 2004, will finally be receiving a Championship ring along with his players! (The team who finished the year as State Champs, did so with an amazing 16-0 record)!

I was in Chapel Hill to see the game that day. It was an honor just to be there with friends and family,  with generations of graduating classes, to share in watching  that young team in their finest of hours...

Seeing those boys, who had only moments before been such lions, suddenly on their knees with joy...  well, there are hardly words to describe such an amazing experience.

And there were indeed,  many of these amazing moments that day, but most special of all of them were some of those seeing Mo: In the beginning, his face filled with stony nerves - with unabashed pride. Mo's energy growing as the outcome of the game became more and more apparent, and then, finally the at the buzzer- when he was lost in the sea of  weeping coaches and players.

When the Havelock caravan arrived back at the  field house, I got the chance to find Mo throw my arms around his neck and tell him congratulations . Even though the game had ended several hours before, Mo was still on top of the world - but, he was as sweet as ever. Even in the glitter and fanfare of such a victorious evening, he was not to busy to stop for a second and talk to an old friend.   I felt so lucky in that moment. Because I got a chance to see that the magic - the one that's  always been in his eyes - was on particular  fire that night. And it was an honor to get to stand beside him for just a moment, and feel the warmth in that glow.

So again, congratulation's Mo -- You deserve it like no body's business!
(Snapshot via  WCTI-TV-12)


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