On Setting Free That Feeling

Never-Ending Birds
That's us pointing to the clouds. Those are clouds

of birds, now we see, one whole cloud of birds.

There we are pointing out the car windows.

October. Gray-blue-white olio of birds

Never-ending birds, you called the first time --
years we say it, the three of us, any

two of us, one of those just endearments.

Apt clarities. Kiss on the lips of hope.

I have another house. Now you have two.

That's us pointing with our delible whorls
into the faraway, the trueborn blue-

white unfeathering cloud of another year.

Another sheet of their never ending.

There's your mother wetting back your wild curl.

I'm your father. That's us three, pointing up.

Dear girl. They will not -- it's we who do -- end.
-From Never Ending Birds
 by David Baker
Never-Ending Birds: Poems
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Feathers and Flying Things #2



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