On The Changing Seasons

I love this poem. . .it seems to say so much about coming of age -- that part of your life that seems to be moving underwater and speeding up all at once - going at the rate of a bird's heartbeat. What was that time like for you?

Little Ice Age

 one hundred days after childhood, sergei solovyov (1974)

 Kathy Nilsson
I have one good memory—a total

Eclipse of the sun—when out of brilliance

Dusk came swiftly and on the whole

At seven years it felt good on a summer afternoon

To be outrun by a horse from another century—

The next morning I washed up

On land like a pod of seals

Struck with a longing for dark at noon—

If the cessation of feeling is temporary

It resembles sleep—if permanent, it resembles

A little ice age—and the end of some

Crewelwork by a mother who put honey

Into my hands so the bees would love me.


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