Falling. . .Falling...Falling For Fall



Looks like someone else is inspired as well! Look how poet Margaret Gibson embraces the work of another artist to get her fall ball rolling!

Autumn Grasses
Autumn Grasses, Shibata Zeshin,
courtesy of the Met

by Margaret Gibson

In fields of bush clover and hay-scent grass
the autumn moon takes refuge
The cricket's song is gold

Zeshin's loneliness taught him this

Who is coming?
What will come to pass, and pass?

Neither bruise nor sweetness nor cool air
knows the way

And the moon?
Who among us does not wander, and flare
and bow to the ground?

Who does not savor, and stand open
if only in secret

taking heart in the ripening of the moon?

(Shibata Zeshin, Autumn Grasses, two-panel screen)
About the screen:
"This screen is one of the finest known from the hand of the 
nineteenth-century artist Shibata Zeshin. Zeshin began his prolific and 
versatile career at eleven as an apprentice to a lacquer craftsman. A master of 
design, he was soon acclaimed as the leading artist in this painstaking and 
time-consuming medium, especially known for his dazzling lacquer boxes. Zeshin 
went on to train as a painter in a naturalistic style that shows clearly the 
growing influence of European realism. In his old age, during the 1870s and 
1880s, Zeshin added an unusual new technique to his repertoire. In response to 
the popularity of oils in the Meiji period, Zeshin began to paint with lacquer 
on both paper and wooden panels. The naturally dark colors and thick lustrous 
surface texture of the lacquer—used on this composition for the black and brown 
bodies of the insects—added to the illusion of Western pigments."
-via the Metropolitan Museum of Art 

Obsession Fall #2


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