On The Fall

The Poetrycooker is so excited for Autumn! Ah, my faveorite season. . . there's just something magical in the chilly air, isn't there?

Let's look to poet Joanne Kyger and some of the lovely ladies over at weheartit to help us celebrate!



 by Joanne Kyger

The grasses are light brown
and the ocean comes in
long shimmering lines
under the fleet from last night
which dozes now in the early morning
Tumblr_mara6purwv1r7tv8co1_500_large My Style 8011758214_b253a2d4a1_z_large
Here and there horses graze
on somebody’s acreage
Strangely, it was not my desire
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that bade me speak in church to be released
but memory of the way it used to be in
careless and exotic play

when characters were promises
then recognitions. The world of transformation
is real and not real but trusting.
Enough of these lessons? I mean
didactic phrases to take you in and out of
love’s mysterious bonds?

Well I myself am not myself
Pi2v4bioopi_large Tumblr_m9gae1ix461rnchxso1_400_large

and which power of survival I speak
for is not made of houses.

It is inner luxury, of golden figures
that breathe like mountains do
and whose skin is made dusky by stars.

Obsession Fall #1



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