Top O' the Day To Ya!

It's St. Patrick's day. . . which gives room for lots of celebration. . .because there is no better day indeed to herald one's Irish heritage, or, at least a good sugary bowl of Lucky Charms. And there's no better evening to visit the local pub, slosh around in some good ol' wet barley and hops. One thing is for sure - this day may boast around one of the rainbow's must seriously abundant and beautiful colors, but green is hue you can celebrate all year long. Whether you're  an old-time hippie, or into the comeback of yuppie greed, green is in baby, and it's as lucky as ever!

Ireland - Interstudy


Paris Rooftops - Etsy
Green Tea Butter Caramels - Etsy

A Geocache Adventure
Wild Eye View

from lauren elizabeth

Green Tunnel - Pico Cool


From Melody like Music

by Natalie Hughes Illustration

Right Truth
my modern net

Olive Green Linen Dress - Etsy

Autumn Horse by Andreas Stridsberg

A Green rest - from

Grecian Green

From Run Pretty Far's Fab House on the Web!

Mystery Green

Alice Green
Run Pretty Far,com

 Green Glowin' Dotted Wings -Etsy
a little "green" green house

Green Gemstone Necklace - Etsy


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