The "Other" Star of The Hunger Games

Formerly-under-the-radar actress Jennifer Lawerence, oscar-nominated for her role in last 2010's Winter's Bone is headed for some well deserved stardom as The Hunger Games heroine Katniss Everdeen, but there's another lady that deserves some recognition for this fierce ya lit icon.

And it's Suzanne Collins. 

I wonder what this lady's thinking right now. . .here she is looking so coy and cute at the film's premiere last week. I can't imagine how crazy it must be for her process what is about to happen  to her life . . . While a few of the films young stars have only recently flirted with fame, Suzanne Collin's has worked in Hollywood for years, and long staid under the radar. Before she was the author of  the The Hunger Games mega trilogy, she worked as a writer for Nickelodeon classic Clarissa Explains it All and also penned the lesser known childrens' series Gregor the Overlander.

The Hunger Games series, which is set to be released at 12am on Friday, has already broken most world-wide records for pre-sale tickets. Needless to say, Ms. Collin's world is about to be rocked - let's hope in a good way. Collin's may also be billed as a cowriter of the film's screenplay, but I hope she signed up for royalties too.

Way to go Ms. Collins!


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