Sunday, October 7, 2012

I'll Come Back For You

This poem is by Sophie Jewett, author of The Pearl.

 I love how it seems to say. "if I died first - you'd know ghosts exist because I couldn't leave you."

If Spirits Walk

deviant art

“I have heard (but not believed) the spirits of the dead
May walk again.”
Winter’s Tale
If spirits walk, Love, when the night climbs slow
The slant footpath where we were wont to go,
Be sure that I shall take the self-same way
To the hill-crest, and shoreward, down the gray,
Sheer, gravelled slope, where vetches straggling grow.

Look for me not when gusts of winter blow,
When at thy pane beat hands of sleet and snow;
I would not come thy dear eyes to affray,
If spirits walk.

But when, in June, the pines are whispering low,
And when their breath plays with thy bright hair so
As some one's fingers once were used to play—
That hour when birds leave song, and children pray,
Keep the old tryst, sweetheart, and thou shalt know
If spirits walk.
-from The Poems Of Sophie Jewett


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