Meet Your New Favorites - and my new friends - Tumbledown House!

My family met them by chance when they took my mother up on an offer to experience one of her eco-paddling tours, and they staid at our camp that night. Before we knew it, we were at their Saturday show at Clawson's in Beaufort. What a treat! I had no idea while sitting and talking with two such down to earth and modest people - that they - Gillian and Tyler -  would both turn out to posses such unbelievable level of talent!

They're  a couple from Bozeman Montana, she sings, and he plays guitar, and they both do a little bit of everything else. And I'm telling you, they're like nothing I've ever heard before, and that's a good thing - No, that's a great thing! Just imagine that Tom Waits met up with Eva Cassidy, they had a turbulent affair and it produced a love child. Now imagine that love child became wildly rebellious and developed a sound all their own, yet still subtly emanated the sounds of their parents. Think that lovechild sounds too cool to exist? Well, it does, and it's Tumbledown House. They describe their sound as "Gritty Saloon Jazz." And it's true, Tumbledown House has a smooth sassiness that goes down like a Ginger and Whiskey. Yum.

Tumbledown House
Tumbledown House at Amazon
Fables And Falsehoods
Fables and Falsehoods at Amazon

Want your own chance to listen to samples of Tumbledown house, or to download copy of their self-title debut album - or their most recent release - Fables and Falsehoods - you can follow the either of the above links to their amazon site. They can also be found on iTunes. Believe me, giving them a listen is an opportunity you just can't miss!


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