Lush Cravings

I'm now totally obsessed with Lush cosmetics, all fresh, handmade, and not tested on animals!
Being a backwoods girl, I don't get exposed to a lot of cool new places like this, but I found store while in Jacksonville, thought I had discovered something, but came home to discover the major buzz already surrounding The Canada based  company... Oh, well!

Trying of stay affordable, I picked out a only the few things I thought were suiting - Shampoo and Conditioner for my growing hair (planning on donating) and Sugar Scrub for my craft-worn hands...

This is the Godiva Shampoo, Sea-Salt Conditioner and Sugar Scrub. 

They are a-maze-ing! Theymake my hair and skin so soft and yummy smelling, and having a pup that was rescued after spending the first three years of her life in an animal testing facility, their cause means the world to me! 

Gosh I'm in trouble, why oh why are there no stores nearby? They are on Christmas Wishlist for sure!


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