Oscars Recap

Not gonna lie...despite the critics I thought Seth MacFarlane did great. He kept it tamer than everyone expected, and I personally thought "We Saw Your Boobs" was hilarious. If actress were offended by being exploited, perhaps they should remind themselves that they were in fact the person who exploited themselves in the first place. I mean really, it was Seth MacFarlane! Compared to his usual MO, the guy on there stage up might as well have been Mister Rogers. The joke about the Lincoln assassination, followed by his very tounge in cheek question, "too soon?" Hilarious!

I will say, MacFarlane looked very handsome last night...i think I just might have a wee crush. I'll add him to the list somewhere next to Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, and that guy from Bridesmaids. I LOVE those types. Seth MacFarlane has a great singing voice too! I just didn't understand Channing and Charlieze dancing to They Way You Look Tonight, but it was well delivered, nevertheless.

Anyway, the dude didn't even sell out by referenceing Family Guy or anything. The only appearence of MacFarlane offspring seemed to be the new, adorable,potty-mouthed title character from the Oscar host's movie Ted.

I was so excited for Anne Hathaway. Usually I can take or leave her, but her performance in Les Mis left nothing to be desired. Her comment about the plight of Fontine and its still somehow current perspective made me teary. She did very well!

I'm also so glad Brave won best animated feature! I loved the when the filmmaker giving the speech pointed out her teenage daughter, who was the inspiration for Merida. She was adorable. I hope Disney
Keeps producing more culturally responsible movies like Brave and 2009's Princess and the Frog. I was so happy to see my Scottish roots represented in film for young people! Feisty Merida is an excellent role model, and she and the world  filmakers created around her were worthy of an Oscar for sure.

Speaking of little archers, Jennifer Lawerence was just wonderful last night. Even  though she's literary The Face of what's currently the most popular YA franchise in the world, (you know the one) her Oscar nominated performance in Winter's Bone and (now Oscar winning) performance in Silver Linings Playbook had the Hollywood greats asking, "Katniss who?"

And the 22 year old has the best attitude. While she lacks the icy, well-rehearsed behavior of peers such as Hathaway, she has an air of intelligence and composure that's lost on ladies like Kristen Stewart and Miley Cyrus. While she is definitely intelligent, Lawerence, is also often just plain goofy, so she just comes across as nothing but real.

Speaking of, I love her stance on body image and weight loss in Hollywood and I pray she sticks to it.  Lawrence, though outspoken on the issue, is in no way soft or large, but her small, firm frame speaks to what should really be respected as healthy and appealing in Hollywood. Sturdy though she is, her nervousness when introducing the evening's most important performer and subsequent falling up the stairs during her way up to receive rhe award proved that she is nothing but endearingly human. And that is nothing short of wonderful.

(Not gonna lie here either - I wasn't exactly rooting for that cocky 9 year old, who seemed to think she had it on the bag.) Cockiness won't get you far with this lady, sweetie!

Speaking of which, I loved Ben Affleck's speech last night. Though the poor guy was rushed beyond reason, I thought he did a wonderful and heartfelt job, and I loved his comments to wife Jennifer (Garner). That cocky guy who co-wrote and starred in Good Will Hunting has come.a long way.

Can't end this without speaking to the musical performances. They were all just as stellar on stage as edited and presented on screen, and I welled up again over Les Mis. Adele did a bang up job and it's great to see the new mom 3-0 for the major awards for Skyfall, and again, MacFarlane proves his musicality extends far beyond toilet humor and somehow, inexplicably into the realm of Fred Astaire. Surprining, stellar, wow! Stella


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