Those Memories

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Don't we all have someone we think this way about at some point in our lives?

For me there have been three gentlemen.  I won't name names, but I'll tell you this:  my heart was captured somewhere around the years of 4, 15 and 21...

And yes, for me there is one gentleman that stands out a little more than the others.


Though I was 21 when I met him, and I'm 28 now, he lives somewhere in my 16 year-old heart., and it's likely he always will.

I look forward to a real life and a real love - I know that one day I'll fall in love for the last time and I know that I will give that man my whole heart. I also believe that it is important to make room in your heart for others before you meet them or you risk displaying a "no vacancy" sign to others...believe me I've dated that guy who is still stuck on a girl from years before - and I got plain tired of not only feeling like I couldn't measure up - but finally becoming somewhat preoccupied with her myself - (and these were the days before facebook - imagine that)!

I never want to be the girl who can't forget.

But I hope there's a part of me that never forgets these three young guys the way I felt about them -  and I doubt I ever will. Mostly because a part of me believes that secret dreams and memories - that first love and unrequited love is really the only place a person can ever find real "romance" - like in a book or a movie.

 It's -in your most secret memories -  in all those moments that  only the two of you know about.

It's in every unspoken affection - all the things you didn't have - because it's in those dreams that the two of you were truly perfect.

Remember every time your heart swelled and nearly burst - remember every time it felt shattered, because to quote one of my all time favorite shows Dawson's Creek with one of its all-time most soapy lines -

"it's our pain that makes us real..."

But you know what I think


It's also our joy.


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